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Founded in 2002 Calista is specialized in the distribution of innovative aesthetic and surgical products of major brands.

Neuer Ansatz für die miraDry Behandlung

miraDry, die einzige permanente, FDA-geprüfte Methode zur effektiven Reduktion von Schwitzen, Geruch und Haaren unter den Achseln, veröffentlicht ein komplett neues Behandlungsprotokoll. Diverse Verbesserungen ermöglichen neu einen besseren Patientenkomfort während und nach der Sitzung, eine kürzere Behandlungsdauer und verbesserte Resultate. Diese neueste Entwicklung weist folgende Optimierungen auf:

  • vereinfachtes und kürzeres Anäthesieverfahren für das Praxispersonal
  • kürzere Behandlungsdauer (ca. eine Stunde pro Patient/in) und besseres Resultat dank verkürzter Kühleinheiten zwischen den Impulsen
  • einfacheres Handling aufgrund optimierter Behandlungs-Templates

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Webinar ThermiVa avec Prof. Jim C. Dornan

ThermiVa® – une intervention esthétique non chirurgicale qui aide les femmes à retrouver et à restaurer leur santé intime sans opération, en utilisant la radiofréquence thermocontrôlée pour stimuler le collagène et améliorer la laxité vaginale.



The science of heat. The beauty of control.
Non-invasive treatment for vulvovaginal laxity

ThermiVa® is a treatment that uses temperature controlled radiofrequency to stimulate collagen, improving vaginal laxity.

The treatment requires no anesthesia with little to no discomfort and no downtime. ThermiVa® treatment delivers energy to the desired areas external (labia) and/or internal (vagina) to restore women’s intimate health.

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vSculpt PRO

Pelvic Floor Toning and Vaginal Rejuvenation Device

vSculpt heals the pelvic floor through a unique combination of thermal loading, photobiomodulation, and sonic vibration. vSculpt applies a controlled amount of gentle heat to the tissues surrounding the vaginal mucosa. The heat increases microcirculation and blood flow, helping the body naturally repair itself. vSculpt’s red light and near-infrared light are optimized for cellular healing, increased circulation, and reduced inflammation and pain within the vaginal mucosa.


Calista partnering with Joylux Inc.

We are pleased to announce that from 1 April 2017 Calista has taken  over the distribution of the Joylux Inc. product portfolio for the Swiss market.

Joylux brings vSculpt, an innovative at-home pelvic floor health and wellness device for the millions of women affected by pelvic-floor  issues who are seeking to regain their control, health and  self-confidence

We would like to thank Joylux for their confidence and look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

(left) Collete Courtion, CEO & Founder at Joyluc, Inc.
(right) Luc Joosen, CEO & Founder at Calista medical


Calista, le nouveau distributeur pour Mentor

Johnson & Johnson médical SA et Calista GmbH s’engagent dans un partenariat

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que Calista médical prendra en charge la distribution du portefeuille de produits MENTOR® pour le marché Suisse du 01.01.2017.

Nous sommes convaincus que ce partenariat apportera des avantages à long terme pour de nombreux clients et nous permettra d’optimiser le service et les conseils des mentors-clients.

Nous tenons à remercier Johnson & Johnson médical Ltd. pour la confiance que vous nous témoignez et nous nous réjouissons de continuer ce partenariat à l’avenir avec succès.



3rd Calista Forum, 5.11.2016, Berne


Non-invasive is the trend in today’s world. Patients are giving increasing importance to be able to pursue their normal life immediately after a treatment. Our goal for the 3th Calista Forum is, bringing Swiss doctors new exciting products and applications closer, that meets exactly these requirements. Again, we are grateful having Swiss and international experts for sharing their experiences.

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Calista at SGDV 2016, Geneva

Calista has been from 25 to 27 August 2016 at the yearly Dermatology Congress SGDV. We proudly were able to present our newly designed exhibition stand our customers during this Congress in Geneva. We are very thankful for all the compliments we got.

Thank you to all customers for visiting us on our booth and we are looking forward to see you next year at the European (Geneva) or Swiss (Berne) Dermatology Congress.