MENTOR Breast Implants

Trusted for over 30 years by millions of women worldwide

Founded in 1969, Mentor Worldwide LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical products for the global Aesthetic medicine market and Reconstructive surgery. As the world’s leading maker of high-quality breast implants for over 30 years, our experience results in quality products that you can rely on.

Mentor has worked closely with surgeons throughout the world to develop innovative products such as CONTOUR PROFILE™ BECKER™ 35 Expander/Breast Implant, BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants, and the CPG™ Gel Breast Implants.

Mentor is your complete source for some of the finest silicone and saline breast implants, along with other products associated with breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. We understand that every patient has different goals driven by personal preference, anatomy, health…and even geography. That’s why we offer so many options, making it easy for you to meet every challenge with the confidence that the outcome will be just as you envision it.

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Round Breast Implants

MENTOR Memory Gel Breast Implant Family

Consistency in Excellence

MENTOR® MemoryGel™ Breast Implants have been trusted for over 30 years by millions of women worldwide. Why? MemoryGel™ Implants are filled with Mentor’s proprietary cohesive gel, which holds together uniformly while resembling the natural feel of breast tissue. Mentor has conducted seven silicone gel breast implant clinical studies. Over 200,000 women have participated in these studies to provide a significant body of clinical evidence demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of silicone gel-filled breast implants. As we have to date, Mentor will remain committed to providing objective, clinical information about breast implant safety.

Mentor MemoryGel Implants

Cohesive I™ The standard cohesive level gel used in MENTOR® Implants. This is Mentor’s softest gel and has been preferred for years in SILTEX™ Texture and Smooth Round Moderate, Moderate Plus, High, Ultra High Profile Gel Breast Implants, as well as BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants.

Cohesive II™ A slightly firmer gel, for patients wanting a firmer feeling implant. This gel is used in SILTEX™ Texture Round Moderate, Moderate Plus, and High Profile Gel Breast Implants and CONTOUR PROFILE™ BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants.

350 cc Smooth Round Dimensional Comparison Cohesive I™

Mentor round Implants

Shaped Breast Implants

MENTOR® CPG™ Gel Breast Implants


Implant selection should be as simple as it is accurate. With that goal in mind, Mentor developed the CPG™ Gel Breast Implant Family. Three heights, three projections and multiple ways to match your patient’s unique physiology.

Designed to fit

CPG™ Implants combine a streamlined inventory with highly flexible sizing. Essentially, physicians can match a variety of body types without stocking a large number of styles.

  • Designed to help create the natural shape of the breast
  • Unique, tapered appearance / shape, with a gradually sloping upper pole and fuller lower pole
  • MemoryGel™ Silicone Gel, Cohesive III™, our most cohesive, form stabilizing gel
  • Highly compliant shell and orientation marks for ease of placement
  • No gel bleed: A bench top study of gel bleed from MemoryGel™ CPG™ Gel Breast Implants found no measurable release of low molecular weight (LMW) siloxanes
  • SILTEX™ Texture to provide a disruptive surface for collagen interface


MENTOR® Contour Profile CPX™4 Tissue Expander

Optional suturing tabs offers additonal stability, allowing expansion to occur where it is intended.

EASE OF USE more pliant proprietary BufferZone™ Patch, smooth injection dome and enhanced shell pliability‡ designed for easier device insertion and removal.

Unmatched safety features The proprietary BufferZone TM Self-Sealing Patch has at least 1.5 times – and at most 5.7 times – the surface area of the injection dome, reducing the risk of device leakage from inadvertent needle puncture.

Siltex™ Round BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants

Combine Expander and Breast Implant

The Siltex™ BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implant family combines a tissue expander and long term breast implant into a single device. BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implants are a technological advancement in terms of the surgeon’s ability to create exact outcomes in size, shape and fill, without compromising silicone gel’s natural give.


MENTOR Promise

Mentor WarrantyProtection beyond compare

As a world’s leading maker of high-quality breast implants for over 30 years, Mentor has been the trusted choice by millions of women worldwide. Our track record of quality and innovation allows us to go above and beyond industry standards with the most comprehensive protection plan available— the MENTOR Promise.