Calista RentWith the option of flexible system rental, you offer your existing patient base an additional, innovative range of treatments while at the same time generating new patients for your practice.

We have summarised below everything that you need to know about CalistaRent:


The following systems can be rented

CoolSculpting – non-invasive fat reduction


  • Non-invasive fat reduction with the original CoolSculpting patented by the FDA.
  • No surgery, no needles, no downtimes.
  • Delegable, simple, effective.
  • More than 5 million treatments have been carried out worldwide, 40,000 in Switzerland.

Possible treatment areas

Abdomen, hip, back, arms, chin, outer and inner thighs

Further information about the CoolSculpting System

miraDry – permanent reduction of underarm sweat


  • Permanent reduction of underarm sweat, odours and hairs.
  • Delegable, simple, effective.
  • Up to 80% reduction in perspiration after only one procedure.


The miraDry treatment can only be used in the armpit area and takes approximately 75 minutes per patient.

Further information about the miraDry system

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