Luc JoosenLuc Joosen on Calista

What does Calista stand for?

Our company is specialised in the sale of innovative medical products for aesthetics and dermatology.

What makes Calista so special?

In my opinion, our staff makes the difference. The team discusses goals and works out solutions together. They are all extremely motivated and everyone plays their role. Some of them have many years of experience and technical expertise, while others contribute new, creative impulses. This mix combined with team spirit is what makes Calista so special and successful. I am really proud to be surrounded by such a great team.

How does Calista stand out from other suppliers in the industry?

Compared with other suppliers, we certainly have the most innovative offering. We don’t try to go with the times, instead aiming to keep ahead of them. We are always on the lookout for groundbreaking new developments for our customers, primarily in the non-invasive field. This focus has allowed us to become leaders on the market in just a few years, positioning ourselves as the top Swiss distributor in sales for non-invasive applications.

To top it off, we don’t reduce ourselves to providing only standard services. Selling a high-quality system, installing it properly, providing training and offering trouble-free service are all a matter of course, no longer noteworthy services. Instead, our mission is to provide our customers with optimal support after they have purchased a system and to create long-term added value for them with targeted, individual measures. Beside complex market support, Calista also offers clinical training, custom training for practice staff and product-related workshops. Over 80% of our new business comes based on recommendations, meaning satisfied customers recruit customers. For me, that’s the best feedback of all.

What criteria are vital for a product to be added to the Calista portfolio?

In addition to product quality, the following are also mandatory:

  • proven results
  • safe to use
  • easy to use
  • patient demand
  • economic viability

If all of these have been met, the product piques my interest. Ultimately we have to consider whether the product would make a good addition to our existing portfolio. After all it will stand beside CoolSculpting, miraDry and Ultherapy and has to hold its ground with these top systems both in terms of quality and technology.

Calista objectives

Our intention is to continuously optimise our services and offer our customers in all areas with more than others do.