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TeleZüri über miraDry, mit Frau Dr. Mandana Péclard

TeleZüri berichtet über das Verfahren miraDry und interviewt dabei Frau Dr. Mandana Péclard. MiraDry ist eine nicht chirurgische Methode zur permanenten Beseitigung von Schweiss- und Geruchsdrüsen unter den Achseln. Wie es funktioniert erfahren Sie ab Minute 14:50 hier im Video.


miraDry Optimized Treatment

The Optimized Treatment Protocol (OTP) for the miraDry procedure by Miramar Labs (Santa Clara, Calif.) provides a solution to undesired perspiration that is so comfortable and efficient that patients not only give it rave reviews, but often refer friends and family. The OTP utilizes a high volume of anesthesia (e.g. tumescent) coupled with high energy delivery.

Download the miraDry article in « The AESTHETIC GUIDE » January/February 2016
miraDry Optimized Tx_ Feb 2016


Dinner at IMCAS with Dr. Christine Dierickx

The IMCAS congress is just around the corner! Miramar Lab has organized two presentations and dinner with Dr. Christine Dierickx. The dinner will be on Friday, January 29, 2016 in Paris. The last day to reserve your seating is January 25th. Reservations can be fixed via Calista (



Miramar® Labs Announces FDA Clearance for the permanent reduction of underarm hair of all colors and subsequent launch of miraSmooth™

Miramar® Labs, an innovative global aesthetic company, announced its miraDry® System received clearance from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of unwanted underarm hair, and permanent reduction of underarm hair of all colors. This announcement establishes miraDry as the only technology FDA cleared for the treatment of underarm hair of all colors as well as the permanent reduction of underarm sweat.


Stop underarm sweat forever. For everyone

miraDry is an award-winning technology that permanently eliminates sweat and odor glands in as little as one treatment and delivers patient satisfaction among the highest of all non-invasive treatments.